Photo by sebastiaan stam / Unsplash
Photo by sebastiaan stam / Unsplash


Burn your problems! Nice catchphrase that captures a mindset for how to deal with things!



Day 291 1. COVID-19 continues to hit us hard, especially in the U.S., India, and Brazil, with 39,405,715 cases and 1,105,505 deaths 2 globally.


  • U.S. Election 2020: voters show up in record numbers for in person voting despite voter suppression, mail system cutbacks, limitations on the number of ballot drop-off locations, fake ballot boxes, and COVID-19
  • One of my favorite world leaders, New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, wins second term in landslide election victory
  • U.S. Supreme Court confirmation hearings for Judge Amy Coney Barrett raises concerns about how the Court may rule on future cases related to abortion, health care, gun rights, the death penalty, and discrimination


Apple announces iPhone 12.


The giant red star Betelgeuse is smaller and closer than astronomers first thought 3.


I started working with the Clean Architecture paradigm for software development, also known as the Onion Architecture . It uses loosely coupled, dependency-inverted principles and domain-driven design (DDD). There’s some cool things about this approach.

  • Puts the business logic and application model at the center of the application
  • Uses application core, infrastructure, UI, and test layers for separation of concerns
  • The application core has no dependencies on the other layers and defines things like entities, value objects, interfaces, application exceptions, and domain events
  • The infrastructure layer, references the application core, and handles persistence, data access implementations, and services
  • The UI (or web API) is the entry point for the application, references the application core, and is also wired up to the infrastructure layer via interfaces in the application core

This is a nice foundation to build ASP.NET Core web applications.



Check out Clean Architecture . The Clean Architecture Solution Template from Jason Taylor is another great way to start.


Jason’s presentations also help to get things going.

GOTO 2019 in Copenhagen

NDC Sydney 2019

Movies/TV Shows

  • The Invisible Man : pretty good, it’s a reboot of the old H.G. Wells sci-fi story
  • Prometheus : prequel story to the Alien franchise…it was meh
  • Whitechapel : nice series about fictional investigations of murders that copycat historical crimes, set in modern-day Whitechapel district of East London


Twitter bots don’t have a great reputation because they often are the worst part of Twitter but there are also positive things in communication mediums. I’ve thought about creating a bot of my own for some time. This week, I started work on one. My goal is to automagically post about a topic that interests me. For example: books, astronomy, or the fight against COVID-19. If that isn’t quite that unique or interesting, I plan to make a bot that does something very different.

Here is some research I found on how to create a bot and the things they can do.

  1. China notified the WHO on December 31,2019 about pneumonia cases in Wuhan City, Hubei province, China, with an unknown cause. ↩︎

  2. Johns Hopkins' COVID-19 Map  ↩︎

  3. Strangely Behaving Red Supergiant Betelgeuse Smaller and Closer Than First Thought  ↩︎